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Content and Authors

Introduction: Perspectives on Cingulate Cortex in the Limbic System Paul D. MacLean

  1. Structural Organization of Cingulate Cortex: Areas, Neurons, and Somatodendritic Transmitter Receptors Brent A. Vogt

  2. Limbic Thalamus: Structure, Intrinsic Organization, and Connections Marina Bentivoglio, Kristy Kultas-Ilinsky, and Igor Ilinsky

  3. Interconnections Between the Thalamus and Retrosplenial Cortex in the Rodent Brain Thomas van Groen, Brent A. Vogt, and J. Michael Wyss

  4. Development of Cingulate Cortex: Proteins, Neurons, and Afferents Michael W. Miller and Richard T. Robertson

  5. Calcium-Binding Proteins Define Subpopulations of Interneurons in Cingulate Cortex Patrick R. Hof, Hans-Joachim Lüth, John H. Rogers, and Marco R. Celio

  6. Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Rodents: Connections, Visceral Control Functions, Implications for Emotion E.J. Neafsey, R.R. Terreberry, K.M. Hurley, K.G. Ruit, and R.J. Frysztak

  7. Hippocampal, Subicular, and entorhinal Afferents and Synaptic Integration in Rodent Cingulate Cortex David M. Finch

  8. Connections of the Monkey Cingulate Cortex Gary W. Van Hoesen, Robert J. Morecraft, Brent A. Vogt

  9. Monoaminergic Innervation of Cingulate Cortex Peter B. Crino, John H. Morrison, Patrick R. Hof

  10. Anterior Cingulate Cortex and the Medial Pain System Brent A. Vogt, Robert W. Sikes, Leslie J. Vogt

  11. The Role of Cat Cingulate Cortex in Sensorimotor Integration Suzanne Y. Musil and Carl R. Olson

  12. Posterior Cingulate Cortex and Visuospatial Cognition: Properties of Single Neurons in the Behaving Monkey Carl R Olson, Suzanne Y. Musil, Michael E. Goldberg

  13. Cingulothalamic and Prefrontal Control of Autonomic Function Shirley L. Buchanan and Donald A. Powell
    Shirley passed away in 1998. Her expertise and insights are greatly missed.

  14. Cingulate Motor Areas Richard P. Dum and Peter L. Strick

  15. Cortical Mechanisms of Reinforcement Linda J. Porrino

  16. Posterior Cingulate Cortex and Spatial Memory: A microlimnology Analysis Robert J. Sutherland and Janice M. Hoesing

  17. Disriminative Avoidance Learning: A Model System Michael Gabriel

  18. The Contribution of Cingulate Cortex to Human Behavior Orrin Devinsky and Daniel Luciano

  19. Glutamatergic, Cholinergic, and GABAergic Systems in Posterior Cingulate Cortex: Interactions and Possible Mechanisms of Limbic System Disease John W. Olney, Michael A. Sesma, and David F. Wozniak

  20. Relationship of Cingulate Cortex to Schizophrenia and Other Psychiatric Diseases Francine M. Benes

  21. Alzheimer Neuropathology and Limbic Circuits Heiko Braak and Eva Braak
    Eva passed away in 2000. Her role in the dynamic Braak team is greatly missed.

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