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Book: Cingulate Neurobiology and Disease

New book: Cingulate Neurobiology and Disease   Now available Cingulate Neurobiology and Disease, edited by Brent A. Vogt, published by Oxford University Press, 900 pages with 400 illustrations, ISBN 978-0198566960.

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Chapter 1 Contents (PDF)
Regions and Subregions of the Cingulate Cortex
by Brent A. Vogt

Chapter 2 Contents (PDF)
Transmitter Receptor Systems in Cingulate Regions and Areas
by Nicola Palomero-Gallagher and Karl Zilles

Chapter 3 Contents (PDF)
Architecture, Neurocytology and Comparative Organization of Monkey and Human Cingulate Cortices
by Brent A. Vogt

Chapter 4 Contents Contents (PDF)
Thalamocingulate Connections in the Monkey
by Hideshi Shibata and Masao Yukie

Chapter 5 Contents (PDF)
Cingulofrontal Interactions and the Cingulate Motor Areas
by Robert J. Morecraft and Jun Tanji

Chapter 6 Contents (PDF)
Temporocingulate Interactions in the Monkey
by Masao Yukie and Hideshi Shibata

Chapter 7 Contents (PDF)
Dopamine Systems in the Cingulate Gyrus: Organization, Development, and Neurotoxic Vulnerability
by Michael W. Miller, Teresa A. Powrozek, and Brent A. Vogt

Chapter 8 Contents (PDF)
The Anterior and Midcingulate Cortices and Reward
by Edmund T. Rolls

Chapter 9 Contents (PDF)
CinguloAmygdala Interactions in Surprise and Extinction: Interpreting Associative Ambiguity
by Jonathan A. Oler, Gregory J. Quirk, and Paul J. Whalen

Chapter 10 Contents (PDF)
Visceral Circuits and Cingulate-Mediated Autonomic Functions
by Brent A. Vogt and Stuart W.G. Derbyshire

Chapter 11 Contents (PDF)
The Cingulate Cortex as Organizing Principle in Neuropsychiatric Disease
by Paul E. Holtzheimer and Helen Mayberg

Chapter 12 Contents (PDF)
Dorsal Anterior Midcingulate Cortex: Roles in Normal Cognition and Disruption in Attention-Defi cit/Hyperactivity Disorder
by George Bush

Chapter 13 Contents (PDF)
The Primate Posterior Cingulate Gyrus: Connections, Sensorimotor Orientation, Gateway to Limbic Processing
by Brent A. Vogt and Steven Laureys

Chapter 14 Contents (PDF)
Cingulate Nociceptive Circuitry and Roles in Pain Processing: The Cingulate Premotor Pain Model
by Brent A. Vogt and Robert W. Sikes

Chapter 15 Contents (PDF)
µ-Opioid Receptors, Placebo Map, Descending Systems, and Cingulate-Mediated Control of Vocalization and Pain
by Brent A. Vogt and Leslie J. Vogt

Chapter 16 Contents (PDF)
Pain Anticipation in the Cingulate Gyrus
by Carlo Adolfo Porro and Fausta Lui

Chapter 17 Contents (PDF)
Hypnosis and Cingulate-Mediated Mechanisms of Analgesia
by Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville, Brent A. Vogt, Pierre Maquet, and Steven Laureys

Chapter 18 Contents (PDF)
Neurophysiology of Cingulate Pain Responses and Neurosurgical Pain Interventions
by H. Chris Lawson, S. Ohara, Joel D. Greenspan, Robert C. Coghill and Frederick A. Lenz

Chapter 19 Contents (PDF)
The Role of Cingulate Cortex in Central Neuropathic Pain: Functional Imaging and Cortical Model of Allodynia
by Anthony K. P. Jones and Bhavna Kulkarni

Chapter 20 Contents (PDF)
Thalamocingulate Mechanisms of Precentral Cortex Stimulation for Central Pain
by Luis Garcia-Larrea, Joseph Maarrawi and Roland Peyron

Chapter 21 Contents (PDF)
The Role of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Posttraumatic Stress and Panic Disorders
by Lisa M. Shin, Paul J. Whalen, Roger K. Pitman, and Scott L. Rauch

Chapter 22 Contents (PDF)
Shared Norepinephrinergic and Cingulate Circuits, Nociceptive and Allostatic Interactions, and Models of Functional Pain and Stress Disorders
by Brent A. Vogt, Gary Aston-Jones, and Leslie J. Vogt

Chapter 23 Contents (PDF)
Impact of Functional Visceral and Somatic Pain/Stress Syndromes on Cingulate Cortex
by Stuart W. G. Derbyshire and J. Douglas Bremner

Chapter 24 Contents (PDF)
The Role of the Cingulate Gyrus in Depression: Review and Synthesis of Imaging Data
by Paul E. Holtzheimer and Helen S. Mayberg

Chapter 25 Contents (PDF)
Cingulate Neuropathological Substrates of Depression
by Brent A. Vogt, K. Nikos Fountoulakis, Dimitrios Samaras, Enikö Kövari, Leslie J. Vogt, and Patrick R. Hof

Chapter 26 Contents (PDF)
Altered Processing of Valence and Significance-Coded Information in the Psychopathic Cingulate Gyrus
by Brent A. Vogt and Richard D. Lane

Chapter 27 Contents (PDF)
The Role of Cingulate Cortex Dysfunction in Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder
by Sanjaya Saxena, Joseph O’Neill, and Scott L. Rauch

Chapter 28 Contents (PDF)
The Contribution of Anterior Cingulate-Basal Ganglia Circuitry to Complex Behavior and Psychiatric Disorders
by Frank A. Middleton

Chapter 29 Contents (PDF)
Cingulate Cortex Seizures
by Siddhartha Nadkarni and Orrin Devinsky

Chapter 30 Contents (PDF)
The Cingulate Gyrus in Schizophrenia: Imaging Altered Structure and Functions
by Adrian Preda, Laurie M. Rilling, Ronald B. Chin, and Carol A.Tamminga

Chapter 31 Contents (PDF)
Course and Pattern of Cingulate Pathology in Schizophrenia
by Francine M. Benes, Miles G. Cunningham, Sabina Beretta, and Barbara Gisabella

Chapter 32 Contents (PDF)
Cingulate Subregional Neuropathology in Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Parkinson’s Disease with Dementia
by Brent A. Vogt, Leslie Vogt, Dushyant P. Purohit, and Patrick R. Hof

Chapter 33 Contents (PDF)
Mild Cognitive Impairment: Pivotal Cingulate Damage in Amnestic and Dysexecutive Subgroups
by Julene K. Johnson, Elizabeth Head, and Brent A. Vogt

Chapter 34 Contents (PDF)
Brain Imaging in Prodromal and Probable Alzheimer’s Disease. A Focus on the Cingulate Gyrus
Eric Salmon and Steven Laureys

Chapter 35 Contents (PDF)
Cingulate Neuropathology in Anterior and Posterior Cortical Atrophies in Alzheimer’s Disease
by Brent A. Vogt, Leslie J. Vogt, Daniel P. Perl and Patrick R. Hof

Chapter 36 Contents (PDF)
Localizing Cingulate Subregions-of-Interest in Magnetic Resonance Images Guided by Cytological Parcellations
by Joseph O’Neill, Thomas L. Sobel, and Brent A. Vogt

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